Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pick of the Week

Im so happy to have picked up Janice today to do some thrifting, a Dollarama run, as well as a Walmart stop.. finding different ways to help her design her house was so much fun!! Since we both left with full carts full we knew we had hit a good day..
Janice has her favs, but I'm happy to share my pick of the week..

$5 Chandelier
It'll be going in my daughter's room.. Stay tuned as we revive this chandelier and add it to her bedroom.

Welcome fellow bloggers!

Welcome fellow bloggers to the Thrifty Tuesday blog.

We're a few southern Manitoba moms whose fallen in love with creating and upcycling.. When we're not chasing toddlers, changing daipers, or teaching abc's, we're picking up the crochet needle,sewing machine, the sand paper, or even the paintbrush to create whatevers on our hearts that day..We're constantly checking out local thrift shops, garage sales, and even some online sale ads that might save ourselves a buck... or two. Join us on our thrifty journey as we share with you our picks of the week, and even some diy tutorials :)

Beware, it might get a little dusty in here..