Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA lately, but I have LOTS to share!! SO hopefully within the next few days I can showcase my finds and be back online..
But know I haven't gone anywhere!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Garage Sale season begins!

I've skipped a few garage sales already..not because I don't wanna go but because I wanted to clear my head and space that is so continuously cluttering up my life. But since my 3 year old was beginning to run out of pants and clothes, I knew it was time to start going.. So this week, I decided to spend my Thursday morning out and about, and took Taylor with me. We had about 8 going on at that time, and it definitely was worth it. Not only did I get like 10 articles of clothes for Taylor but I also scored some goodies for myself (which is seldom at garage sales)

That frame was RARE and jumped right out at me.. One thing I love about garage sales, is that they're in it to get rid of it, and will usually throw items like that down to almost nothing.. SO would only make sense that I pay only $4 for it! And the owl figurine is a replica of the "see no evil, hear no eveil, say no evil" monkeys but in owl format. Mr. TT pointed that interesting fact out to me!
A lantern for my sister's wedding.. :)
1970 Praktica SLR film camera with flash. I've handed down most of my vintage camera collection to a friend because she's found more of a love for them than I have, so I know if I don't use this, or keep it, she'll have a wonderful spot in her heart for it. Mr. TT checked, and there was existing film in it! But since we opened it, it was already ruined so we were unable to see what was on it.. I've had NO luck finding anything on this flash tho.. Its a Bell & Howell one and it seems rare. I wonder if it works.. Looking forward to throwing something in and seeing what this baby does! Only paid $2 for this buddy. One of those "I don't care what I get for it" moments. PLUS, there was a early 90's poloroid I passed up only because its not rare, and its also so hard to find film so it wasn't worth it.. even for a buck.

What I've changed this year other than my other years of garage saling, is that I'm looking at EVERY garage sale. Whether its the one that has nothing sitting on the outside so you're drawn away from the lack of inventory, or the one thats overflowing with items I know I have no use for, these little treasures come in the smallest places.. And each are worth checking out. Plus, its a great time out with Taylor too so I love have her tag along!

Saturday's coming and I had originally planned on heading into the city for an E-session with my cousin, but that changed and the weather is going to suck, so we're stickin back.. But I really hope that the girls still go to their designated sitters so that I can get some MUCH needed organization and baking done for Mother's Day. Mr TT has been sick with the nasty bug I got and so he's been MIA and things have been on the backup once again. Hopefully not for much longer!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, I've not had my luck at MCC lately, like I used to when I started thrifting weekly, but yesterday I had a good feeling.. Which is rare, but I jumped on it, and went. :) There was TONS I left behind, because we're in the midst of renovating and I just don't have the space for everything. But I did load my cart up with some goodies that, after we paint, just might be great additions to our wallspace (if I can even find room)..

Picked this buddy up for a buck. $1! I was so thrilled but when I looked online at the cost of film, I was shocked. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some at the thrift store one of these days.. but still. Pretty excited about this find!
Two mirrors. These will look really nice down the hallway between my girls rooms. Thinkin of painting them a bright color instead of white.. Not entirely sure yet. I have SO many projects just waiting to be done!
Im really not sure what this is... but I had to pick it up. It almost looks like a DIY gone wierd.. I'll hand it over to a friend of mine and Im sure she'll find use for it..
This is one of my favorite finds.
its unfinished so I can paint it whatever color I wanted. Thinking this is going to be a CUTE addition to Hailey's party and having it a bright pink would be perfect!! 

So I tend to always keep my eye out for owl items. I have a few items but I have a best friend who loves everything owl, so I always keep my eyes open for things that would add to the girls room or that would work for my friend's place. Today I scored bigtime. I haven't quite decided whats staying and whats going..

I really am not a fan of shell art, but found this to be cute considering its a coin bank!
Love these hangings, but not really loving the palm trees/scene in the middle. It looks simple to cut it out but I was reminded from my husband I have a history of "butchering" items by attempting this..
How cute is this little family?!
I also found more mason jar cups, and a few extra jars that I think would be a great addition to my sister's big day next year. Im still not going overboard yet on finding stuff for her day but when you come across something unique and rare, I can't help but snatch it up. I walked out of our thrift store and didn't even find a need to go to others. Maybe sometime this week I'll make a few more stops.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missing in Action...

Battling one nasty cold since the 20th. I don't get sick often, but this one hit me hard.. Out for nearly 2 weeks, countless boxes of kleenex, and sleepless nights = one miserable me. So glad to be back to myself, feeling great, and ready to catch up.Also miss H had a nasty ear infection that nearly damaged her hearing, but in the end turned out ok!! We're so blessed. :)

Nothing much happened during my down time which is great cuz I hate missing out on things with the kids and the world.. but did catch the Royal Wedding which in all truth, was beautiful. And my little Haileybear turns 11 months today which puts into HUGE perspection that this month will be crazy with getting things ready. Im horrible with distractions of family and friends but Im gonna do my best to focus on everything I wanna get done for her big day.

My oldest, Taylor continues to go to preschool but is ending it within the month. So we're planning a busy but exciting summer ahead.. with lots of trips to the park, beach, zoo, etc! I missed out on their summer last year due to being on bedrest my pregnancy + having hailey premature and spending a month in the NICU and the remainder of our summer in iscolation due to her very low immune system.. so this year they both deserve one rockin' year. And I'll do whatever I can to make that happen.

Didn't get to thrift much other than picking up a few mason jar cups and a cuuute bright pink afghan for Hailey's party.. Also scored for 1/2 price at the fabric store, a dozen 1/2 m "shabby chic" fabrics! Im super excited to make her fabric banner out of this and add it to elements all over the day.

Otherwise, we're just going about our regular routine over here.. Mr. TT is working this weekend and its bitter cold. Just on Friday we had +20 degree weather and now its -15 degrees.. Yeah, welcome to Manitoba.. the province where its not wierd to leave your winter stuff out year round cuz.. you just never know.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Jelly beans were from Dollarama and martini and wine glasses were thrifted (picked up a pack of 6 but ran out of jellybeans so only displayed 4) all 6 for 1 dollar!
Easter's in full swing in the Hildebrand home!!! We're gettin ready to paint eggs, hunt for them, and have a LOT of delicious homemade goodness!!  Paska buns are a regular occurance (easter buns.. a must try!), and the talk of the real reason for easter's flooding Taylor's mind.. which warms my heart more than anything. Telling people that Jesus Christ died for her and for their sins. Her love for Jesus is a massive blessing that continues to overflow.
We have a large back yard so easter hunting's going to be extra fun this year. Most years have been spent at my parents.. inside.. due to snow and wet weather continuing to linger. This year, it looks like +15 (predicted), and sunny.. So hopefully an outside hunt is possible!!
Spring also means cleanout.. I have a hard time parting with items I've put a lot of investing in, and since its gone nowhere, its time to let go. Found another stack of fabrics waiting to find some good homes which hope to be put to good use.
Another garage sale is in the works too.. for May, which gives me a little more time to get things together. Im forcing myself to part with some of Hailey's items even if it breaks my heart.. Like Mr.TT said.. "better like a bandaid, it'll hurt at first, but relief when its over".. so Im bracing myself.

While searching through my stashes, clutter, etc.. I starting putting together some puzzle peices for Miss H's birthday.. Finally put together fabric for her banner which will also serve perfectly in her bedroom. And a few old nick nacks that somehow just fit perfectly. Hopin the weather goes well since its a casual, come and go, bbq/bonfire celebration. Hailey's not into having a lot of attention brought to her (she's like her father), and so having somethin come and go is perfect. :)

Otherwise I have seperate stacks of items for different purposes.. one being DIYs.. and I WILL find time to do that.. I will, .lol.

Happy Easter everyone!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Snow's nearly gone *sigh!* and spring is hopefully coming to stay..
Totally didn't think I was going to thrift this morning due to one of my daughter's scream fest last night (only knowing now after taking her to the doctor she nearly blew her ear drum  but a vein burster and she's got quite the infection.. her ear drum is also super sensitive and the doctors think it hasn't progressed with her maturity). Miss H is my preemie and she's 8 months corrected.. we just went through a preemie assessment but since we had no concerns, they just looked at her inital hearing test from the NICU and said there wasn't a concern.. Wow, can things change fast.. So back to doctor's appointments, and some investigating to see if this is something thats permanent or temporary. But being up till 3am and after her little body couldn't even cry anymore, I finally got some sleep.. she was up a number of times but quickly went back to sleep after that. I had no motivation to go out this morning but felt I just needed to get out and get some fresh air after that kinda night. It was well worth it.
Left our rickidy car (somethings not right with it as it sounds like a squeeky mattress) at my mom's work and snagged her car for the rest of the day.. picked up my best and thrifter Ayne and off we went.. stopping off at Winkler, Plum Coulee, and Altona.. and our back seat was nearly full (with the exception of her nearly 5yr old cutie). I've had a small wishlist and finally just let it go and realized that it'll come to me instead of me stressing and getting uber disappointed if it didn't come around that week.. but long behold.. a few of them came my way.
Cute vintage nesting snack bowls.. thinking future giveaway??
How cute are they so nestled up

Birdcages!! Was so excited to collect a handful of these for the girls room. Each room has a nature theme (owls, birds, etc) so I was looking for these for a LONG time!
Found this cutie for a quarter.
Been on the lookout for a LOT of mason jar (particularly the drinking ones) for my sisters wedding..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Snow in.. april?

Yep, of course, there's a prediction for snow today.. what else would happen in good ol' Manitoba, than to have snow in April, or even May some years?!
Ah well, manitoba weather makes me laugh..

Its been a crazy week getting ready for our first garage sale of the year.. It was bittersweet having to go through the kids clothes, so I just left them. The emotion of not being able to have any more children, and not being able to use these precious clothes one more time was a bit hard to take, and I just left them. We're having another garage sale come May so I NEED to do this then, and will do it like a bandaid.. will hurt at first, but in the end, relief. Its partially our choice that we're not having any more children, but a huge part was the doctor's huge suggestion that we not.. Going through Hailey's journey and having that happen again with added risks and complications, its too selfish, and too risky to put another child through such unpredictable measures.. And thats a lot to take in.

Tuesday, I was so excited to head off to MCC.. I went alone, and I did find a car load, but over half wasn't even for me. I love looking for thriftted items for others and somehow I scored more for someone else than I did for myself. A beautiful lamp (which will be on a different post), a black frame, and some other cute vases and such. But I couldn't leave without picking up a couple things.. I found this..
Im a huge sucker for children's furniture.. and for $4 I couldn't pass it up. Taylor already has a sofa and a recliner (both childrens size) in her room.. and how cute would this be reupholstered!! Its so easy with some simple screws and such in the back and then boom! Stick fabrick over, staple, and rescrew the peices back together.. If its not for me, it'll definitely be nice in some other children's room. :)

My exciting, FAVORITE find of the week is this..
As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister's wedding is country vintage. And I've had such a hard time finding somethin that wasn't too casual, wasn't too fancy for her wedding day.. And since we were getting ready for the garage sale, I came across this.. and thought how perfect it was!! So I brought it to my mom and showed her hoping she'd have the same feelings, and she did!! We noticed a couple spots of food stain, but we figured one good dry clean and it should be good as new! With no price tag, I was unsure of the cost of it, so I asked what my mom would pay.. "20 bucks, I'd say..".. and I agree'd.. but I wanted to see what she offered first.. My heart sank when she said "A buck.."..  A dollar, $1.00!!! So I of course, took it, and showed my sister via email, and she also fell in love with it, so its a done deal. :) This makes me happy due to the fact that we're paying for our girls' dresses.. :)

Im in the process of planning my Haileybear's 1 year birthday.. ONE YEAR.. June 1. Im thinking it'll be "tea party" style.. :) So Im trying to find old table clothes, tea cups, etc..Hopefully everything falls into place.

 My girls are blessed. We came home on Tuesday to some pretty presents from a family friend. She mentioned she had sewed them some pillowcases awhile back which I thought was super thoughtful of her.. Long behold, when she dropped them off, they were also embroidered!! Taylor's a huge princess lover and so of course hers had to say "a princess sleeps here".. and Hailey, who we always call our "Haileybear" says "Sweet Dreams Haileybear".. I love both, and Im so excited for the girls to use them!!

On Saturday, I had a photoshoot in Steinbach and wasn't really planning on doing anything else. Then my sister suggested Taylor coming out for a swim day! How exciting (and convenient).. then my mom was respiting Ingrid (who lived with us for 6+ years before moving), and she wanted to join too, so next thing I knew my car was packed full of props, a cute smash cake, and some lovely ladies ready to head off for the day. They had loads of fun, and pictures turned out awesome.
(heres a little sneak peak if anyone's interested..)
 Spring is here, chilly or not.. so we dragged out Taylor's first big girl bike!! She was super excited and we allowed her to pick out a cute little basket, streamers, and a bell for little added accessories, lol. Can't wait to get her going!!

This has been the skim of what my week's been.. I booked 2 more weddings (Which makes it 3 now for the etnire year).. Im wondering if thats enough.. To the town, I don't do weddings anymore, but when people come up to me souly, and say they want ME for my work, I have a hard time saying no.. So I've taken on a small handful, and we'll go from there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Never underestimate a Wednesday..

Didn't think I'd get out today, but come 3pm, Jered got home from work, and Hailey finally went down for a nap, and our cupboards were becoming bare so we were in much need of a grocery shop. So, I decided to haul Taylor and we went.. Then we passed MCC and she asked if we could go look for a Barbie (our MCC has cooountless barbies for a buck), so I said sure..
Didn't think I'd walk out with what I had found.. A LOT of vintage sewing notions! I even left some behind because I just didn't know what I would do with all of them.. But grabbed what I thought looked nice and in the cart it went!

I can't even individualize this.. There's just SO much! 
This was one thing that caught my eye.. I did some research and its apparently from the 1950s.. How awesome.. and I love how they priced stuff.. 19 cents.
A friend of mine collects stuff in this color scheme, so this will be gifted for her craft/create space. Hopefully she'll like it..
Within one of the bags of sewing notions, I came across this.. Its a craft pack! It had everything.. including the adhesive glue.. which was all dried and chalky, and smelt horrible..but I guess whoever owned this must've wanted to do it at some point, and made sure everything was still in tact.. but check this out.. I love their wording in their instructions..
I had to giggle.
I thought this tray was very bright, and very pretty. I think it'll be good  for crafting, and placing buttons or knick knacks on when working.
Last, I found this.. And I would LOVE to know more about them if anyone knows anything.. Theres a total of 164 crafts (and after some researched I found out thats a complete set!). Theres SO many random ones in this box.. Its published in 1976 (cards say 1975 but later found out it was only in '76).. The cards are in great condition, and are organized perfectly.
And yes. I definitely scored them for 50 cents.

To finish off with a photo of one of my kiddos..
She just indulged in a slice of pizza, walked over to the couch, and fell asleep like this.. at 6pm. This is one tuckered out little princess...


The word "bittersweet" has circled through my vocabulary countless times over the past while. Finding things that are great but also a bit uneasy is quite common. This week was defintiely one to put in the books.. Trying to find the time to just sit and do playdough with the kids instead of having to do dishes, or go to some sorta appointment, test, or whatever..wishing I could find the time to say "enough's enough.." But these things need to get done, and thats just that.

I didn't get much extra thrifting in this past week with so much going on. Had my MRI results which came back clear (yay!) and then on Tuesday (which was my usual sit outside MCC day) I had Hailey's preemie assessment at the High Risk Newborn Clinic in Winnipeg. It went awesome..Walking through those doors for the first time since Hailey was born was "bittersweet".. Seeing the moms that walked in and out daily like I did, but seeing the babys who got a very exciting chance at life was incredible to see. Seeing a baby fill up the spot that Hailey once did was emotional.. Im blessed to have my miracle with me daily, reminding me to just be thankful for the little things. The emotion and exhaustion in the mothers eyes were just like mine.. the worrying, the unsure, the daily rollercoaster of news, etc.. Im very happy Im past that point in my life, and Im sure they'll be too once they get the "green light" to go home. I just wanted to go up to a few of them and say "this soon shall pass". Because. It does, even if we never forget it.

Hailey's appointment went awesome. Not only is she beyond her real age(10 months) intelectually, but she's just shocked the specialists and therapists with her ability to pass just about every obstical they handed her. I was so proud of how far shes come in her days with us. Physically, shes still at 8 months (her corrected age), and thats all they're worried about, was she was where she NEEDS to be . And I was happy with that too. We start physio in June and hopefully that'll speed up some of her walkin skills and crawling skills. Otherwise no concerns, which means NO more doctors appointments!! (I do see our pediatrician in a couple months to go over these results but Im pretty sure he'll be just as excited as I am.)

So with her being the gem she is, we decided to hit up some shops on our way out.. Me as a Tuesday MORNING thirfter, finding the stuff in the midafternoon wasn't nearly as exciting so I didn't land up picking as much up as I usually do.. But heres a quick lowdown of a couple things I found..I hope to go this afternoon while Hailey naps to check out our town's store..
 Thought these would be cute for my sister's wedding.. Most likely for the head table as I only found one set. But still super cute, and for a quarter, couldn't be better!
4 different stores, 4 different jars of buttons.. and all for 50 cents a peice! Im on a mission to find some button DIY's so I can start using my overlarge stash..
This owl is ugly. Just plain ugly. But to me, she's pretty.. Shes worn, used, and has character to it. Although I won't be keeping her in the shape she is (painting it), she definitely couldn't be left at the store. 
Milk jug, no idea what I'll do but for 10 measly cents.. it came home with me. Im sure it'll be used in some way for Andrea's wedding..

Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, I spent the evening last night working on revamping this frame/hook..


After (mirror IS clean by the way, lol) I just threw in the first two b/w photos I found.. Going to possibly replace them with b/w demask fabric or some photos of the kids. This will go right by my entrance.. once its not orange anymore.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My to-do list is endless... literally endless. If there's not a to-do NOW list, there's a to-do tomorrow, next week, and 6 months from now.. Lists consume my life.

Went thrifting Tuesday morning, as usual, and felt kinda neat to meet up with a friend who drove up from Kansas to visit family, and was fun getting together to do somethin we both enjoy! I was amazed at the price difference between the states "Goodwill" store and the MCC stores we have out here locally. what would be a buck at Goodwill, tends to be 10 cents out here.. So she was excited to have scored a large basketful of goodies, even some I was admittidly envious over.

But here are a few of my finds that I scored..
WAS super thrilled about this because I was photographing my neice's newborn photos this morning, but realizing afterwards she wasn't curling up for me, so it didn't work out. Ah well, I don't do photos nearly as often so this might just land up in the garage sale pile, in hopes for another aspiring or successful photographer to come snatch it up.
My best friend and fellow thrifter wasn't along with me this time, so it was kinda wierd not shopping with her, having 1/2 my cart full of stuff to show and share with her. But we've been going together for weeks, and knowing each time she looks for a clock she can repurpose and put her own printed paper behind, I couldn't leave this. She loved it.
A cute shutter-style waste basket. Its cute. Enough said!

I love these.. Im thinking I'll spraypaint them white and leave them for display. The edges are quite sharp tho. .so I wouldn't want the girls near it. Would be a cute centrepeice (the bottom one)
Picked up this bag for a buck. Found a cute DIY im gonna attempt with these. Problem with DIYs and me is I keep on forgetting what it was.. So when I think of it I'll link you up!
Wooden doll pins and some vintage canvas-style fabric. Picked up the fabric on my first run in, but after leaving I counted up my finds again and noticed I was overcharged 3 bucks. Luckily, they were good about it so as I waited in line, a lady in front of me passed on these. and I just snuck a peak and snatched them up. So for 50 cents, I got my 2.50 back and walked out.
11x14 frames. I loove the detail on these. Not sure where they'll go yet. We're in the midst of painting most of our house so putting up frames against a white or ORANGE wall isn't my thing right now.. so I just have to have a bit more patience before these buggers go up.. and yep, they'll be repainted too. (just thinkin either gloss white? or a bright color like teal?)
And a cute little lantern. :)

I also picked up a large frame with glass mirrors on the sides, it looks better than it sounds.. and I looked at Winkler MCC which had one sitting there for quite some time for $15 and it had a blue design on the mirror that wasn't all that attractive.. Then as we went to our second stop, I noticed that MCC had the exact frame, NO design on the mirror, for $5. Score.

{ Check back soon as I make this into somethin pretty :) }