Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, I spent the evening last night working on revamping this frame/hook..


After (mirror IS clean by the way, lol) I just threw in the first two b/w photos I found.. Going to possibly replace them with b/w demask fabric or some photos of the kids. This will go right by my entrance.. once its not orange anymore.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My to-do list is endless... literally endless. If there's not a to-do NOW list, there's a to-do tomorrow, next week, and 6 months from now.. Lists consume my life.

Went thrifting Tuesday morning, as usual, and felt kinda neat to meet up with a friend who drove up from Kansas to visit family, and was fun getting together to do somethin we both enjoy! I was amazed at the price difference between the states "Goodwill" store and the MCC stores we have out here locally. what would be a buck at Goodwill, tends to be 10 cents out here.. So she was excited to have scored a large basketful of goodies, even some I was admittidly envious over.

But here are a few of my finds that I scored..
WAS super thrilled about this because I was photographing my neice's newborn photos this morning, but realizing afterwards she wasn't curling up for me, so it didn't work out. Ah well, I don't do photos nearly as often so this might just land up in the garage sale pile, in hopes for another aspiring or successful photographer to come snatch it up.
My best friend and fellow thrifter wasn't along with me this time, so it was kinda wierd not shopping with her, having 1/2 my cart full of stuff to show and share with her. But we've been going together for weeks, and knowing each time she looks for a clock she can repurpose and put her own printed paper behind, I couldn't leave this. She loved it.
A cute shutter-style waste basket. Its cute. Enough said!

I love these.. Im thinking I'll spraypaint them white and leave them for display. The edges are quite sharp tho. .so I wouldn't want the girls near it. Would be a cute centrepeice (the bottom one)
Picked up this bag for a buck. Found a cute DIY im gonna attempt with these. Problem with DIYs and me is I keep on forgetting what it was.. So when I think of it I'll link you up!
Wooden doll pins and some vintage canvas-style fabric. Picked up the fabric on my first run in, but after leaving I counted up my finds again and noticed I was overcharged 3 bucks. Luckily, they were good about it so as I waited in line, a lady in front of me passed on these. and I just snuck a peak and snatched them up. So for 50 cents, I got my 2.50 back and walked out.
11x14 frames. I loove the detail on these. Not sure where they'll go yet. We're in the midst of painting most of our house so putting up frames against a white or ORANGE wall isn't my thing right now.. so I just have to have a bit more patience before these buggers go up.. and yep, they'll be repainted too. (just thinkin either gloss white? or a bright color like teal?)
And a cute little lantern. :)

I also picked up a large frame with glass mirrors on the sides, it looks better than it sounds.. and I looked at Winkler MCC which had one sitting there for quite some time for $15 and it had a blue design on the mirror that wasn't all that attractive.. Then as we went to our second stop, I noticed that MCC had the exact frame, NO design on the mirror, for $5. Score.

{ Check back soon as I make this into somethin pretty :) }

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love doesn't have to be expensive!

So my best and fellow friend picked these up at a thrift store last week and thought of me (how sweet)..
(Realized I didn't take a pic before I sanded down the V..) but this gives you a rough idea. The letters were very "baby nursery from the 90's" type. All I cared about was that they were wood. I can handle any other ugliness that comes my way.

Sanded down the "lovely" letters..

 Threw a couple coats of black paint (which later on I'll explain my big mistake with this step)..

Took a "light" sand down to the letters to give them an "older" look...

A few lessons learned:
1) I would've painted a coat of white first BEFORE painting the black.. Hardly anyone would notice but you can slightly see the color of the blocks underneath the sand.. But that bothers me.
2) I would've used a MILD texture for sandpaper.. Here, after I realized that it was MEDIUM grade, I was a bit disappointed.. but other eyes don't seem to care, so whatever..up on the shelf they go first thing tomorrow!

And to leave you all with my sweet Haileybear whose just about 10 months old! (and styling it up in mix-matched clothing we went through the next size up clothing..)

Sunday Morning Glory!

 Happy Sunday everyone!
I've been MIA lately as this house has been on the whilrwind with new additions to the family (not by me tho, lol) and travellers from a far coming up to visit. So, I haven't been able to thrift like I had wanted to over the last few days, but I guess thats ok, since I need to clear out some of the existing stuff in my house to make wave for the new stuff a'comin.

On an exciting note, within a week or two, we will be starting an ETSY SHOP! Yep, this is huge for me because the buying and selling in the interwebz is all so new to me, so Im hoping everything goes smoothly. Keep posted for the shop link comin up!

Also, I wanted to express to everyone my wishlist for the spring. Last year, I had little to no opportunity to do anything out of the house as I was on strict bedrest due to my complications in my pregnancy. SO I wanted to blow this year out and enjoy the MANY things this area has to offer.. Here's my list..

1) Go to MCC at least 2/week.. I do about that already but since its garage sale season coming up, I can guarantee they'll be restocking more than just a Tuesday..
2) Venture outwards, and drive a few more minutes to some other towns and seach some other vendors..
3) Do a DIY with the kids weekly, it not more! My 3 year old looves to help paint, and glue, and everything that has to do with creating (which clearly is the reason shes my daughter, lol).. And thrifting those finds is going to make it fun for me, as well as for my wallet!
4) A very exciting on, but over the next month, we'll be re-painting every room in this house (minus our bedroom and Haileys room which was done just last year).. the options of colors are endless!! So hopefully this task won't take up too much of our summer.
5) Walk more, drive less! We registered our moped this year again and I'm excited to be able to get that going when I need a jug of milk or something small from the grocery store instead of starting up my vehicle.
6) I've been listening to CHVN 95.1FM's and taking part in their Family Night Pledge so that we can spend more quality time with eachother and the kids. PLUS, the mister and myself have been taking more time in the week and month to be going on dates and taking some much needed time to re-connect. :) It has made our relationship with eachother and the kids MUCH healthier.. and come summer, much more opportunity will be at hand as well as trips, events, etc!
7) Renovations slowly continue in our basement, Im hoping by fall of next year, my create space will be finished and I can finally have a proper area to focus and progress!
8) I have a huge surprise coming in May for the kids.. since I can't exactly express what Im doing because this is huge for me too but once its completed, the beans will spill! Its exciting, and will take lots of preparation.. so I hope it goes smoothly! 
9) I wanna take my family least once. My parent's own a 5th wheel and have offered to us countless times to take it, the mister is anti-camping. I hope that changes this year.. I loved my camping days growing up, and I would love the same simple pleasure for my kids
10) Last but not least, Im gonna try and lose a few lbs.. No crash dieting, or anything risky, just a lifestyle change, to say Im not going to veg out on the couch with a bag of chips instead I'm going to turn off the TV and go out and play with the kids. Simple, and if it doesn't make me lose weight, it'll definitely make me feel better as a person, and as a mom.

Whats your summer wish list?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I love starting my mornings with a bowl of Fruit Loops and updates from my fav blogs..Its kinda like reading the paper, whats new?.. whats happening?
And I woke up this morning and came across Thrift Core's blog and got completely inspired on what I wanna do with mine.
So over the next while, you might see not just thrift finds, but suggestions, inspirations, and maybe some of my DIY projects that I plan on doing.. (my stash isn't getting any smaller.. and places for it is getting less and less by the day).
Including in my organization craziness, I plan on putting a pile to resell. Im sooo inspired by Apron Thrift Girl's latest post about reselling (heck, I love ALL her posts about reselling) and is thinking of posting a handful of items on Etsy.. this is all new to me cuz I for one, never even bought anything online yet alone sold anything..

Otherwise craziness continues in the Hildebrand home..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The weatherman lies!

Apparently.. we're suppose to get near 25cm or more of snow this morning.. woke up, nothing.. decided to stay home from thrifthopping because of the storm, and still nothing.. so I guess the weatherman does lie sometimes.. :)
BUT I did get some "junking" done.. Went to the local here and then over to a small town 10 mins away, and then another 20 more mins away. Either way, I came home with more than I have in a LONG time..
I don't have room to store furniture lately as we're renovating so I've been settling on little items, and really trying hard to say no to the bigger items.. its tough.. but im trying.

Heres a few samples of the day.
1970's book on exactly what I love.. (left is the front and right is the back), its about 100 pages..
How could I not pick this up??? I  saw it there for 10 measly cents, how awesome! Even back in the 70's were they already upcycling!! This one's a keeper, thats forsure..
Head mold for hats! Is going to be perfect for my friend's growing business!

Vintage flash cards.. came in two!

metal wishing well. Im going to paint this white and put it on a shelf in my girls room.. kinda goes with the theme Im doing.

I saw this there, and loved how it looked.. Then as I went to pick it up to put in my cart.. it sang! It was a music box too!! Its really pretty!! I think it'll also look great white. :)
Jar of buttons, old DYMO labeller, bowls, and some cute fabric covered boxes!
Instead of flooding my post with pics, I threw these together.. I'm not entirely sure what brand the ice cream bowls are from, but they're super cute.. and is going to work great with some hot fudge sundaes this summer! The boxes, I thought, was great for gifting, and the dymo labeller even works! So it'll be a great addition to organizing!

Hope everyone's having a great start to SPRING!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

News that cannot wait!

*drumroll please...*

My sister's engaged!! Im super thrilled as my sister is literally my other half. we're identical twins and have always been inceprable. Im so happy for her and her new journey to marriage!

Congrats you two!
(Photog by yours truly)

 SOO..of course, she was in the "im GOING to get married" stage and we've already discussed what the theme might be.. And Im so happy she's sticking by it.. "vintage country".. This has got me knocking in my boots excited! Im sooo thrilled to be thrifting like mad for this big day. And not even to mention my beautiful daughters are going to be decked out vintage-style dresses which makes me even more giddy (and is filtering out the stupid idea that my sister has in me wearing is all i had to do) I can't wait to stand beside my sis and watch her embark the biggest step in her life!! Its been a very exciting day.

Now I can't leave a post without a thrift find..
Pink vintage weigh scale

A friend was online and noticed this when she was in MCC (remember my post about going back a few times/week.. I've been twice already, and this never was there!). And she saw this and thought of me (how sweet!) Im so excited for this to go in our new basement bathroom when renovations are complete.

I also picked up a few finds for Miss H's 1st birthday bash in June (yep, already brainstorming), and its also made in Japan which warms my heart a bit. So.. most likely will be on our Thrift Find Monday over at Apron Thrift Girl's blog tomorrow!! Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A few things about me..

I never really formally introduced myself..
My name is Alesha, and Im from Winkler, MB.. I've loved thrifting as long as I can remember. We never had the kind of money to get new clothes growing up so we thrifted pretty well everything we wore. If our shoes weren't thrifted, they were bought new, but used and abused till they weren't even worth sending back to MCC.. Im pretty blessed to live an unmaterialistic world here, living in a 1940's character home, with my two beautiful daughters (My spunky, filterless Taylor, and my miracle, lovable Hailey whose 9 months and born 2 months premature) and my workaholic husband Jered..We're huge budgeters, and will find many ways to save a dime in our wallet, but not on quality. Out here, we don't have estate sales, we have garage sales.. and they're most held in people's yards or garages through the months of spring, summer, and partially fall. I read consistantly how often people get to search through people's houses for items, I find that so interesting! It hasn't hit garage sale season here quie yet, late April into May is when its the beginning, and its always heated when it starts off.

I also do photography, but has taken some time off for my family. I still do the odd session here and there, although most of my pics are taken of my kids and daily life. 

I have never had any formal collection in my day.I would loove to begin one but im not sure which one to start. People collect vinage dishes such as Pyrex and Corelle, and some people collect owls, or other of nature's creatures in everything from ceramic to pins to plates. I need to find my taste and start indulging.. I would love to know what you enjoy collecting!

I won't go off and do a whole bio on myself, but just wanted to give you guys a taste of who I am.

Now to end with a find..

One of my best friends and fellow thrifter Ayne, found these.. They're solid and look like they're very old.. I wish I knew the era they were from.. The sizing is stamped on the back of the shoe and its definitely not proper sizing. These shoes must've been handmade because they  have no arch support or anything that would suggest they were made in the last 40 or so odd years.. Hailey's only 9 months and Im already brainstorming what her big girl room's going to be, and these will definitely add a great touch to it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring's here!

Linked up to Junkin' Find Fridays! 

Spring is just around the corner here in MB and we're definitely seeing it.. The grass is showing up through alongside all the other goodies that somehow got left underneat the snow. We found lots of garbage that wasn't there before it snowed, and if any of you have pets, you know how unwelcoming their surprises are underneath it all too! Its been in the plus's here so opening up the windows, spring jackets, and rubber boots are all in full swing!
As I was running some errands this morning I had one of those "i have to go inside" feelings passing by MCC. So I pulled up and made a quick runabout the store.. And there it was..

This vintage umbrella holder. It looks more goldy in this pic as my speedlight was quite bright, but its more of a rustic gold look.. and NO rust! I think it would look perfect in my back entrance. I'm not entirely sure if I wanna paint it a bright color, white, or what with it, but its going to look great with all of our umbrellas in it!

EDIT> exchanged the old bright photo for a more realistic one.. Kinda gives you a better idea of the look. 
Hope everyone' having a great St.Patrick's day!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its in the name!

Ever wonder why my blog is called "Thrifty Tuesdays"? Well, in this town, our thrift stores tend to restock on Tuesdays leaving a big handful of patiently waiting people outside MCC almost starting at 9am.. (doors open at 9:30).. Hands down, I used to giggle at the people waiting wondering exactly what their intentions were waiting that early.. And now I've become one of them. About 9:20 or so I will pull up and wait alongside those bundled ladies who overtime has gotten to know eachother so personally they were discussing family weddings and clothing exchanges.. lol. Great group of ladies.. they're so sweet when you walk through the store, they come and see all the neat finds you got in your cart and encourage you by telling you about certain sales. It pays off huge waiting a few minutes for the door to open. Not only have I scored my favorite finds, but I have saved a bundle on everything in between! And I do go one more time throughout the week to spot any random put outs incase I missed something..

Random thought.
I love a lot of things and I have wish my heart was bigger so I can store all that love. I have a huge wishlist and I'm slowly docking things off of it each week I go. But my space isn't getting any smaller so I'm pretty sure that give a couple weeks or so I'll be reselling.. And Im not looking at making a HUGE profit off my items (as Im not that kinda person), but maybe get what I paid for and a small finders fee as well (plus shipping incase theres any out of town purchasers). My response to my items has been postitive so I hope that my sales would be as well. Im not a horder, as I do let go of things very easily.. but now to try and find a price thats worth it is going to be I guess I gotta open up a paypal account too.

Here are my finds of the day.

I picked these up for my fellow best friend and thrifter Ayne, shes huge into aqua colors so I thought the base would be perfect for a plate or something..
Closeup of the bases.
This is solid wood so of course it won't stay brown.. Once our entrance is painted, I thought it would be great. The middle is a mirror and the other two are 4x6 glass frames.
The second bedside clock I've found in the last 2 days. I wonder what kind of hit this would be on etsy..
Thought this was super cute.. I had one as a kid (but gold) and would've loved for Taylor to have one too, and never would've thought I'd score one that was PINK! How neat!
I'm always looking in the clock section and always walk out empty handed.. Theres never really anything that catches my eye until today (where I also found the one above..) Love the shape this one is in!
Going to hang this off of something in the girls room. I love how tiny it is.. maybe 3 inches? Its super cute!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thrift Share Monday!

Linked up to Apron Thrift Girl blog, AND for coming home from the antique show at the mall in Winnipeg, I figured it was a good time for a post.

We left town about 9:45am, and only got to the city about 11:30, it was icey! We only noticed half way there and thought we might as well just continue cuz its gotta end somewhere, and it did! We made our first stop at the show in the mall, and it was a disappointment for us. Im no jewelry fanatic and have a hard time understanding whats beautiful and whats not.. I don't wear or own much jewelry, I have a few vintage button rings and necklaces from finicent but nothing that wow'd me.. When I got there, I thought I'd ask around if anyone had any owl items (as its our girls theme in their room as well as a huge collection of one of my best friends so I thought maybe I'd score a few neat peices.. Yup, didn't happen. Hardly anyone had anything owl related, so I was a tad disappointed..
SO we decided to hit up some Value Villages too and see what we could find.. and if I knew more about collecting Im sure I would've had a cartload full! But since I was only interested in the things I thought was neat and would possibly resell, I didn't find very much.. Random thought insert here:.. Did I miss a phase on fish?!? I came across COUNTLESS vintage fish and what looked like some sorta collectable fish items.. I don't care for them but the amount that was around was interesting! Ok.. So, then we went to Winners thinking maybe somethin was there but our thrifting minds took over and everything was too overpriced for us to take.. or it wasn't a complete collection (like a bookend with a Z at one end but no A.. so one bookend). We drove home slowly to watch out for ice and 1 1/2 hrs later we made it. We both  learned a lot.
1) Winnipeg thrift shops such as Value Village isn't NEAR the pricing of our local MCC.
2) Look for road conditions.. even if it looks good... we live in Manitoba.. Anything's possible.
3) Going to go local town hopping next.. Not going to hit up the city shops for awhile.. atleast until we hear of some good spots and know they're worth the drive.

Finally, here are my finds!
A little "clothes rack" style jewelry holder.. Thought this would be cute white and put in Taylor's room to hang her necklaces from.
13 inch square trays. Loved these when I saw them.. Not entirely sure what I wanna do with these yet.. Thinking maybe for summer when we're out for a bonfire to carry things out in. But defintiely will no longer be gold.
Vintage bedside clock. This has a cute backlight 
This I thought was neat.. Its a box with a slideout lid, and a devider inside. Ayne had the wonderful idea of putting markers and pencil crayons in there.

Owl tealight holder. Thought it would be a cute addition to Taylor's room by putting one of those flameless candles inside.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mall Shopping & Shoppe Hopping!

I have two local friends who just love thrifting as much as I do.. and Im uber thrilled to have them join me on Monday as we header on off to Winnipeg for the Annual St.Vital Antique Show!! Leave her at 9am, and hopefully check out a few shoppes and secondhand stores while we're there. We all have our own style which is awesome..

Spent this week working on my daughter's room.. Heres a sneak peak!
(beware, the ugly green walls WILL be changed.. as soon as I convince the husband).

Found the bed at an antique store for $70 and got it sandblasted and repainted professionally for near 100 bucks.. Overall investment : $170..(mattresses were handmedowns from an aunt who hardly used the thing.) can't complain, this bed is one heavy bugger! Im hoping to find some neat owl peices to add in this space.. Once the wall's painted, I'll post some more pics of the room with some neat additions Im in the middle of working on..
 Hope everyone's enjoying this winter weather.. well, all you Canadians out there, living in Manitoba.. living in Winkler. We just got hit with one blustery blizzard over the weekend.. yikes.
Sending up prayers for safety on the roads, as well as victims of the Tsunami in Japan on Friday.. We're blessed, and it sucks to have a harsh reminder of something so horrible to remind us of that.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Upcycle & Recycle.

Im organized.
 I don't have a room or garage devoted to my finds.. I have a closet. And it gets packed up pretty fast. So, Jer kindly reminded me that if he wasn't able to walk through that entrance, he was going to clean up and clean out for me so that if there was ever a fire,we could get to that entrance.. he was right, and its now cleaned out.
I went through some sewing phase and realized a lot of that is useable so Im just selling it out and getting rid of junk. I love filling my drawers of my collectables and such so its feeling new right now..

Heres a little glimpst of whats been going on here during the week..

Last weekend, we turned a 1950s TV into a puppet theatre.. or started to atleast.. My mom (conveniently) works at a recylcing place in town, and coooonstantly comes home with the most random stuff.. I would love to be her to see what kind of books come in.. Our kids storybooks have all came from there.. We have almost the entire collection of Dr.Seuss, and Mercer Mayer, and so many more old favorites! I was shocked when she came home with this and invited me over to revamp it with her!
This was a before picture.. The tv was in there when she got it but got it removed.
Another before picture. There was 2 knobs that came with it as well.. So you can tell how old it was!
Needs to be a fresh coat of paint on it, as well as some red curtains just behind the glass for curtain appeal!
With the knobs put back in and some friends posing.
Sewed a black curtain and thrifted this rail for 50 cents
Both girls up from their sleepover at G&G and ready to act!
Found an old vintage Bingo Game with most (just missing some dots) peices!
I was shocked at the condition..
AND the amount!
Vintage coasters.. found these for 30 cents. There was a few more sets I might pick up.
Picked up 2 of these $2 each. I think I might add some bling for our bedroom.
Old ROYAL typewriter $4. INCLUDES case & manual! And new ribbon!
About this frame for 50 cents.. And I was going to remove the artwork and put something in place of it..but thinking now its growing on me.. so might stay!

Thanks to all you new visitors checking out the blog!! Im excited to get this one up and out there to showcase the things I find, and maaybe soon I'll start reselling them. I would love to check out your blogs if you have any!! Post a link in my comment and I'll come send you some love!