Friday, February 4, 2011

Strive to Revive!

So we had our DIY day and Im thrilled to say it was SOO successful!! We got LOTS accomplished and even started running out of projects! Im not going to get into too much detail as I'll explain more in a seperate post but just wanted to mention how excited I was that everything went so well.. This is bound to be a monthly event!

So I wanted to share with you my recent thrifty finds..

I splurged a bit on this item.. Its my husband's next project so once he's finished the things he's got going on right now

This one was a DIY i worked on Thursday. It was a recent thrift find. (The photo does not do justice.. It looks so much better in person, maybe once I find new batteries for the flash, I can replace this one with a better pic).

 This one was an exciting find.. 

(Notice the doll I talked about cool)
This was awesome.. only 3 bucks!
I haven't ever thought of finding vintage wrapping paper till I read Apron Thrift Girl's blog..

Well there you have it.. a sample of whats laying around the place. Check back soon for our DIY day post! Happy Weekend Everyone!!

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