Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly to-do

This week has been an exciting one! Not only did I score a lot of cute vintage items, I spotted what will be my store of choice when I become rich. Its called "Oldies and Goodies".. Its a coffee shop/antique store. I just fell in love with it when I walked in and had to come back and look at a few more items as it was very very full.
I will hopefully get pics posted of my finds sometime soon..
This is what my wishful to-do this week is..

1) Organize my craft area.. Its in diiiire need of a facelift, and a cleanout.. There's projects there I know I'll never do and its time to clean out and refresh the old stock pile.
2) Take pics and upload the new items..
3) Decide on what to make for our DIY day this coming Friday.
4) Find a new book to read. Fell in love with a book called "Grace Thus Far" and it inspired me to read some more real-life books.
5) Somehow figure out how Im gonna move Hailey upstairs. She's been in our room for over 8 months (well 7 since she was in the NICU for a month) and I had nicely decorated her nursery but now needed it for a storage room as Jered decided to clean out the attic and re-insulate it.. so that needs to be figured out this week.
6) Continue to spring clean.. bedrooms, kitchen, front and back entrances, basement, etc! Garage sale season's coming up and I neeeed to clean out. Last year i was MIA due to surgery and this year is no excuse, LOTs have to go!!

So a glimpst of my crazy life unfolds.. Not only does this NEED to  get done, this isn't even the list of what I WANT to get done.. And Im probably jumping into deep water this week thinkin I can get this done as we have 3 doctors appointmens, one in Winnipeg, and a 60 hr work week for Jer. Wish me luck!

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