Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekly finds..

This week wasn't exactly what I thought it would be going into MCC.. it was way over-crowded and it felt like everyone was looking for the exact same thing you were... I saw countless people walk out with things I would've snapped up in a second.. lol. So I tried to find some things that were left-over but there wasn't much.. Heres a lowdown of what I found.

Vintage Owl Lamp 50 cents

A very cute scarf with pockets. Thanks to Ayne for spotting it out. 80 cents

Vintage fabric $1.25
Hard-cover vintage suitcase (inside is cute purple fabric! Blogger isn't allowing me to upload that pic. bleh) $2.00

And a lot of misc frames and such I plan on putting artwork into. Once those are done I'll post them too.

Hope everyone enjoys their week!


  1. I am completely in love with the pocket coffee scarf and the owl lamp! 50 cents was a damn good deal! :)

  2. Good finds! I have some similar lamps and scoop them up everytime I find them. I noticed on Etsy that someone is using them as molds and making new ones for around $30.00.

    The last one I bought at the Salvation Army had funky lite bright pegs in it and the color is not good so I may paint that one but the others are staying as is.

    Glad to see a fellow thrifter that loves owls too!

    Here's a link to one of them.

    Thanks, I'm following now too!