Saturday, March 19, 2011

A few things about me..

I never really formally introduced myself..
My name is Alesha, and Im from Winkler, MB.. I've loved thrifting as long as I can remember. We never had the kind of money to get new clothes growing up so we thrifted pretty well everything we wore. If our shoes weren't thrifted, they were bought new, but used and abused till they weren't even worth sending back to MCC.. Im pretty blessed to live an unmaterialistic world here, living in a 1940's character home, with my two beautiful daughters (My spunky, filterless Taylor, and my miracle, lovable Hailey whose 9 months and born 2 months premature) and my workaholic husband Jered..We're huge budgeters, and will find many ways to save a dime in our wallet, but not on quality. Out here, we don't have estate sales, we have garage sales.. and they're most held in people's yards or garages through the months of spring, summer, and partially fall. I read consistantly how often people get to search through people's houses for items, I find that so interesting! It hasn't hit garage sale season here quie yet, late April into May is when its the beginning, and its always heated when it starts off.

I also do photography, but has taken some time off for my family. I still do the odd session here and there, although most of my pics are taken of my kids and daily life. 

I have never had any formal collection in my day.I would loove to begin one but im not sure which one to start. People collect vinage dishes such as Pyrex and Corelle, and some people collect owls, or other of nature's creatures in everything from ceramic to pins to plates. I need to find my taste and start indulging.. I would love to know what you enjoy collecting!

I won't go off and do a whole bio on myself, but just wanted to give you guys a taste of who I am.

Now to end with a find..

One of my best friends and fellow thrifter Ayne, found these.. They're solid and look like they're very old.. I wish I knew the era they were from.. The sizing is stamped on the back of the shoe and its definitely not proper sizing. These shoes must've been handmade because they  have no arch support or anything that would suggest they were made in the last 40 or so odd years.. Hailey's only 9 months and Im already brainstorming what her big girl room's going to be, and these will definitely add a great touch to it!

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