Sunday, March 20, 2011

News that cannot wait!

*drumroll please...*

My sister's engaged!! Im super thrilled as my sister is literally my other half. we're identical twins and have always been inceprable. Im so happy for her and her new journey to marriage!

Congrats you two!
(Photog by yours truly)

 SOO..of course, she was in the "im GOING to get married" stage and we've already discussed what the theme might be.. And Im so happy she's sticking by it.. "vintage country".. This has got me knocking in my boots excited! Im sooo thrilled to be thrifting like mad for this big day. And not even to mention my beautiful daughters are going to be decked out vintage-style dresses which makes me even more giddy (and is filtering out the stupid idea that my sister has in me wearing is all i had to do) I can't wait to stand beside my sis and watch her embark the biggest step in her life!! Its been a very exciting day.

Now I can't leave a post without a thrift find..
Pink vintage weigh scale

A friend was online and noticed this when she was in MCC (remember my post about going back a few times/week.. I've been twice already, and this never was there!). And she saw this and thought of me (how sweet!) Im so excited for this to go in our new basement bathroom when renovations are complete.

I also picked up a few finds for Miss H's 1st birthday bash in June (yep, already brainstorming), and its also made in Japan which warms my heart a bit. So.. most likely will be on our Thrift Find Monday over at Apron Thrift Girl's blog tomorrow!! Stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations to your sister. I think the girls in vintage dresses will be precious.
    I remember my sister having the same odd idea of me in heels for her wedding.

    If the person thinking of you is a good friend who knows your taste (with the scale) then it is a compliment.

  2. Congrats to your sister and her fiance. And I just LOVE the idea of a vintage themed wedding...what fun to shop for!

  3. How wonderful... congrats to your sister!

    I have bought many a vintage scale in my day... the trouble is... the dial is soooo darn small, I can't read what it says! lol (which is probably a GOOD THING)