Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its in the name!

Ever wonder why my blog is called "Thrifty Tuesdays"? Well, in this town, our thrift stores tend to restock on Tuesdays leaving a big handful of patiently waiting people outside MCC almost starting at 9am.. (doors open at 9:30).. Hands down, I used to giggle at the people waiting wondering exactly what their intentions were waiting that early.. And now I've become one of them. About 9:20 or so I will pull up and wait alongside those bundled ladies who overtime has gotten to know eachother so personally they were discussing family weddings and clothing exchanges.. lol. Great group of ladies.. they're so sweet when you walk through the store, they come and see all the neat finds you got in your cart and encourage you by telling you about certain sales. It pays off huge waiting a few minutes for the door to open. Not only have I scored my favorite finds, but I have saved a bundle on everything in between! And I do go one more time throughout the week to spot any random put outs incase I missed something..

Random thought.
I love a lot of things and I have wish my heart was bigger so I can store all that love. I have a huge wishlist and I'm slowly docking things off of it each week I go. But my space isn't getting any smaller so I'm pretty sure that give a couple weeks or so I'll be reselling.. And Im not looking at making a HUGE profit off my items (as Im not that kinda person), but maybe get what I paid for and a small finders fee as well (plus shipping incase theres any out of town purchasers). My response to my items has been postitive so I hope that my sales would be as well. Im not a horder, as I do let go of things very easily.. but now to try and find a price thats worth it is going to be tough..plus I guess I gotta open up a paypal account too.

Here are my finds of the day.

I picked these up for my fellow best friend and thrifter Ayne, shes huge into aqua colors so I thought the base would be perfect for a plate or something..
Closeup of the bases.
This is solid wood so of course it won't stay brown.. Once our entrance is painted, I thought it would be great. The middle is a mirror and the other two are 4x6 glass frames.
The second bedside clock I've found in the last 2 days. I wonder what kind of hit this would be on etsy..
Thought this was super cute.. I had one as a kid (but gold) and would've loved for Taylor to have one too, and never would've thought I'd score one that was PINK! How neat!
I'm always looking in the clock section and always walk out empty handed.. Theres never really anything that catches my eye until today (where I also found the one above..) Love the shape this one is in!
Going to hang this off of something in the girls room. I love how tiny it is.. maybe 3 inches? Its super cute!


  1. Fun finds! Love the orange clock.

    I'm always on the hunt and need to start parting with stuff too. I need to make room for more, ha ha.
    I just bought a Westclox wind-up for $2.00 and see that it's roughly going for $10.00 - $28.00
    on Etsy.
    Come by and see my new chair acquisition - so cute!

  2. Its crazy when I look around at what I have, randomly search it on etsy, and am shocked always at what its going for! Thats what drives me to resell, some people's need for what I have. I'm also hoping to clear out soon and make room for more! Great thing about thrifting is, its neverending.. They'll always be something, somewhere!