Monday, March 14, 2011

Thrift Share Monday!

Linked up to Apron Thrift Girl blog, AND for coming home from the antique show at the mall in Winnipeg, I figured it was a good time for a post.

We left town about 9:45am, and only got to the city about 11:30, it was icey! We only noticed half way there and thought we might as well just continue cuz its gotta end somewhere, and it did! We made our first stop at the show in the mall, and it was a disappointment for us. Im no jewelry fanatic and have a hard time understanding whats beautiful and whats not.. I don't wear or own much jewelry, I have a few vintage button rings and necklaces from finicent but nothing that wow'd me.. When I got there, I thought I'd ask around if anyone had any owl items (as its our girls theme in their room as well as a huge collection of one of my best friends so I thought maybe I'd score a few neat peices.. Yup, didn't happen. Hardly anyone had anything owl related, so I was a tad disappointed..
SO we decided to hit up some Value Villages too and see what we could find.. and if I knew more about collecting Im sure I would've had a cartload full! But since I was only interested in the things I thought was neat and would possibly resell, I didn't find very much.. Random thought insert here:.. Did I miss a phase on fish?!? I came across COUNTLESS vintage fish and what looked like some sorta collectable fish items.. I don't care for them but the amount that was around was interesting! Ok.. So, then we went to Winners thinking maybe somethin was there but our thrifting minds took over and everything was too overpriced for us to take.. or it wasn't a complete collection (like a bookend with a Z at one end but no A.. so one bookend). We drove home slowly to watch out for ice and 1 1/2 hrs later we made it. We both  learned a lot.
1) Winnipeg thrift shops such as Value Village isn't NEAR the pricing of our local MCC.
2) Look for road conditions.. even if it looks good... we live in Manitoba.. Anything's possible.
3) Going to go local town hopping next.. Not going to hit up the city shops for awhile.. atleast until we hear of some good spots and know they're worth the drive.

Finally, here are my finds!
A little "clothes rack" style jewelry holder.. Thought this would be cute white and put in Taylor's room to hang her necklaces from.
13 inch square trays. Loved these when I saw them.. Not entirely sure what I wanna do with these yet.. Thinking maybe for summer when we're out for a bonfire to carry things out in. But defintiely will no longer be gold.
Vintage bedside clock. This has a cute backlight 
This I thought was neat.. Its a box with a slideout lid, and a devider inside. Ayne had the wonderful idea of putting markers and pencil crayons in there.

Owl tealight holder. Thought it would be a cute addition to Taylor's room by putting one of those flameless candles inside.


  1. That clock ROCKS! Love it. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. So I'm new to your site. What do you do with all your finds? I'm always curious on whether people use them or sell them or both?

  3. Thanks Krissy!
    Hankerchiefgal, Right now I store most of my finds.. I would love to resell but I wanna have a decent amount of inventory before that starts, so Im not running out and then having to find find find again. Some of it will go around my house once the walls are painted since all them aren't workin with the decor I'm wanting to implement. But most of it sits in storage so it'll go up soon.