Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My to-do list is endless... literally endless. If there's not a to-do NOW list, there's a to-do tomorrow, next week, and 6 months from now.. Lists consume my life.

Went thrifting Tuesday morning, as usual, and felt kinda neat to meet up with a friend who drove up from Kansas to visit family, and was fun getting together to do somethin we both enjoy! I was amazed at the price difference between the states "Goodwill" store and the MCC stores we have out here locally. what would be a buck at Goodwill, tends to be 10 cents out here.. So she was excited to have scored a large basketful of goodies, even some I was admittidly envious over.

But here are a few of my finds that I scored..
WAS super thrilled about this because I was photographing my neice's newborn photos this morning, but realizing afterwards she wasn't curling up for me, so it didn't work out. Ah well, I don't do photos nearly as often so this might just land up in the garage sale pile, in hopes for another aspiring or successful photographer to come snatch it up.
My best friend and fellow thrifter wasn't along with me this time, so it was kinda wierd not shopping with her, having 1/2 my cart full of stuff to show and share with her. But we've been going together for weeks, and knowing each time she looks for a clock she can repurpose and put her own printed paper behind, I couldn't leave this. She loved it.
A cute shutter-style waste basket. Its cute. Enough said!

I love these.. Im thinking I'll spraypaint them white and leave them for display. The edges are quite sharp tho. .so I wouldn't want the girls near it. Would be a cute centrepeice (the bottom one)
Picked up this bag for a buck. Found a cute DIY im gonna attempt with these. Problem with DIYs and me is I keep on forgetting what it was.. So when I think of it I'll link you up!
Wooden doll pins and some vintage canvas-style fabric. Picked up the fabric on my first run in, but after leaving I counted up my finds again and noticed I was overcharged 3 bucks. Luckily, they were good about it so as I waited in line, a lady in front of me passed on these. and I just snuck a peak and snatched them up. So for 50 cents, I got my 2.50 back and walked out.
11x14 frames. I loove the detail on these. Not sure where they'll go yet. We're in the midst of painting most of our house so putting up frames against a white or ORANGE wall isn't my thing right now.. so I just have to have a bit more patience before these buggers go up.. and yep, they'll be repainted too. (just thinkin either gloss white? or a bright color like teal?)
And a cute little lantern. :)

I also picked up a large frame with glass mirrors on the sides, it looks better than it sounds.. and I looked at Winkler MCC which had one sitting there for quite some time for $15 and it had a blue design on the mirror that wasn't all that attractive.. Then as we went to our second stop, I noticed that MCC had the exact frame, NO design on the mirror, for $5. Score.

{ Check back soon as I make this into somethin pretty :) }

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  1. Wanna sell those gorgeous frames??? I'd take 'em!!