Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love doesn't have to be expensive!

So my best and fellow friend picked these up at a thrift store last week and thought of me (how sweet)..
(Realized I didn't take a pic before I sanded down the V..) but this gives you a rough idea. The letters were very "baby nursery from the 90's" type. All I cared about was that they were wood. I can handle any other ugliness that comes my way.

Sanded down the "lovely" letters..

 Threw a couple coats of black paint (which later on I'll explain my big mistake with this step)..

Took a "light" sand down to the letters to give them an "older" look...

A few lessons learned:
1) I would've painted a coat of white first BEFORE painting the black.. Hardly anyone would notice but you can slightly see the color of the blocks underneath the sand.. But that bothers me.
2) I would've used a MILD texture for sandpaper.. Here, after I realized that it was MEDIUM grade, I was a bit disappointed.. but other eyes don't seem to care, so whatever..up on the shelf they go first thing tomorrow!

And to leave you all with my sweet Haileybear whose just about 10 months old! (and styling it up in mix-matched clothing we went through the next size up clothing..)

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