Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The word "bittersweet" has circled through my vocabulary countless times over the past while. Finding things that are great but also a bit uneasy is quite common. This week was defintiely one to put in the books.. Trying to find the time to just sit and do playdough with the kids instead of having to do dishes, or go to some sorta appointment, test, or whatever..wishing I could find the time to say "enough's enough.." But these things need to get done, and thats just that.

I didn't get much extra thrifting in this past week with so much going on. Had my MRI results which came back clear (yay!) and then on Tuesday (which was my usual sit outside MCC day) I had Hailey's preemie assessment at the High Risk Newborn Clinic in Winnipeg. It went awesome..Walking through those doors for the first time since Hailey was born was "bittersweet".. Seeing the moms that walked in and out daily like I did, but seeing the babys who got a very exciting chance at life was incredible to see. Seeing a baby fill up the spot that Hailey once did was emotional.. Im blessed to have my miracle with me daily, reminding me to just be thankful for the little things. The emotion and exhaustion in the mothers eyes were just like mine.. the worrying, the unsure, the daily rollercoaster of news, etc.. Im very happy Im past that point in my life, and Im sure they'll be too once they get the "green light" to go home. I just wanted to go up to a few of them and say "this soon shall pass". Because. It does, even if we never forget it.

Hailey's appointment went awesome. Not only is she beyond her real age(10 months) intelectually, but she's just shocked the specialists and therapists with her ability to pass just about every obstical they handed her. I was so proud of how far shes come in her days with us. Physically, shes still at 8 months (her corrected age), and thats all they're worried about, was she was where she NEEDS to be . And I was happy with that too. We start physio in June and hopefully that'll speed up some of her walkin skills and crawling skills. Otherwise no concerns, which means NO more doctors appointments!! (I do see our pediatrician in a couple months to go over these results but Im pretty sure he'll be just as excited as I am.)

So with her being the gem she is, we decided to hit up some shops on our way out.. Me as a Tuesday MORNING thirfter, finding the stuff in the midafternoon wasn't nearly as exciting so I didn't land up picking as much up as I usually do.. But heres a quick lowdown of a couple things I found..I hope to go this afternoon while Hailey naps to check out our town's store..
 Thought these would be cute for my sister's wedding.. Most likely for the head table as I only found one set. But still super cute, and for a quarter, couldn't be better!
4 different stores, 4 different jars of buttons.. and all for 50 cents a peice! Im on a mission to find some button DIY's so I can start using my overlarge stash..
This owl is ugly. Just plain ugly. But to me, she's pretty.. Shes worn, used, and has character to it. Although I won't be keeping her in the shape she is (painting it), she definitely couldn't be left at the store. 
Milk jug, no idea what I'll do but for 10 measly cents.. it came home with me. Im sure it'll be used in some way for Andrea's wedding..

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