Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Never underestimate a Wednesday..

Didn't think I'd get out today, but come 3pm, Jered got home from work, and Hailey finally went down for a nap, and our cupboards were becoming bare so we were in much need of a grocery shop. So, I decided to haul Taylor and we went.. Then we passed MCC and she asked if we could go look for a Barbie (our MCC has cooountless barbies for a buck), so I said sure..
Didn't think I'd walk out with what I had found.. A LOT of vintage sewing notions! I even left some behind because I just didn't know what I would do with all of them.. But grabbed what I thought looked nice and in the cart it went!

I can't even individualize this.. There's just SO much! 
This was one thing that caught my eye.. I did some research and its apparently from the 1950s.. How awesome.. and I love how they priced stuff.. 19 cents.
A friend of mine collects stuff in this color scheme, so this will be gifted for her craft/create space. Hopefully she'll like it..
Within one of the bags of sewing notions, I came across this.. Its a craft pack! It had everything.. including the adhesive glue.. which was all dried and chalky, and smelt horrible..but I guess whoever owned this must've wanted to do it at some point, and made sure everything was still in tact.. but check this out.. I love their wording in their instructions..
I had to giggle.
I thought this tray was very bright, and very pretty. I think it'll be good  for crafting, and placing buttons or knick knacks on when working.
Last, I found this.. And I would LOVE to know more about them if anyone knows anything.. Theres a total of 164 crafts (and after some researched I found out thats a complete set!). Theres SO many random ones in this box.. Its published in 1976 (cards say 1975 but later found out it was only in '76).. The cards are in great condition, and are organized perfectly.
And yes. I definitely scored them for 50 cents.

To finish off with a photo of one of my kiddos..
She just indulged in a slice of pizza, walked over to the couch, and fell asleep like this.. at 6pm. This is one tuckered out little princess...


  1. Hi! I'm your latest follower, I'd thought I say hello and comment on that awesome blue tray. I love it.

  2. Wow - you scored and I love those craft cards!

  3. I love that beautiful tray of sewing stuff! I'm sure you will find lots of good use with all those buttons. I have lots of buttons too. I feel happy just looking at them. You can sew them to your jeans, hat or bags, it'll be fun! I am your newest follower!

  4. Thanks ladies for the sweet and kind comments! :) Thanks for following!!