Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, I've not had my luck at MCC lately, like I used to when I started thrifting weekly, but yesterday I had a good feeling.. Which is rare, but I jumped on it, and went. :) There was TONS I left behind, because we're in the midst of renovating and I just don't have the space for everything. But I did load my cart up with some goodies that, after we paint, just might be great additions to our wallspace (if I can even find room)..

Picked this buddy up for a buck. $1! I was so thrilled but when I looked online at the cost of film, I was shocked. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some at the thrift store one of these days.. but still. Pretty excited about this find!
Two mirrors. These will look really nice down the hallway between my girls rooms. Thinkin of painting them a bright color instead of white.. Not entirely sure yet. I have SO many projects just waiting to be done!
Im really not sure what this is... but I had to pick it up. It almost looks like a DIY gone wierd.. I'll hand it over to a friend of mine and Im sure she'll find use for it..
This is one of my favorite finds.
its unfinished so I can paint it whatever color I wanted. Thinking this is going to be a CUTE addition to Hailey's party and having it a bright pink would be perfect!! 

So I tend to always keep my eye out for owl items. I have a few items but I have a best friend who loves everything owl, so I always keep my eyes open for things that would add to the girls room or that would work for my friend's place. Today I scored bigtime. I haven't quite decided whats staying and whats going..

I really am not a fan of shell art, but found this to be cute considering its a coin bank!
Love these hangings, but not really loving the palm trees/scene in the middle. It looks simple to cut it out but I was reminded from my husband I have a history of "butchering" items by attempting this..
How cute is this little family?!
I also found more mason jar cups, and a few extra jars that I think would be a great addition to my sister's big day next year. Im still not going overboard yet on finding stuff for her day but when you come across something unique and rare, I can't help but snatch it up. I walked out of our thrift store and didn't even find a need to go to others. Maybe sometime this week I'll make a few more stops.

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