Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missing in Action...

Battling one nasty cold since the 20th. I don't get sick often, but this one hit me hard.. Out for nearly 2 weeks, countless boxes of kleenex, and sleepless nights = one miserable me. So glad to be back to myself, feeling great, and ready to catch up.Also miss H had a nasty ear infection that nearly damaged her hearing, but in the end turned out ok!! We're so blessed. :)

Nothing much happened during my down time which is great cuz I hate missing out on things with the kids and the world.. but did catch the Royal Wedding which in all truth, was beautiful. And my little Haileybear turns 11 months today which puts into HUGE perspection that this month will be crazy with getting things ready. Im horrible with distractions of family and friends but Im gonna do my best to focus on everything I wanna get done for her big day.

My oldest, Taylor continues to go to preschool but is ending it within the month. So we're planning a busy but exciting summer ahead.. with lots of trips to the park, beach, zoo, etc! I missed out on their summer last year due to being on bedrest my pregnancy + having hailey premature and spending a month in the NICU and the remainder of our summer in iscolation due to her very low immune system.. so this year they both deserve one rockin' year. And I'll do whatever I can to make that happen.

Didn't get to thrift much other than picking up a few mason jar cups and a cuuute bright pink afghan for Hailey's party.. Also scored for 1/2 price at the fabric store, a dozen 1/2 m "shabby chic" fabrics! Im super excited to make her fabric banner out of this and add it to elements all over the day.

Otherwise, we're just going about our regular routine over here.. Mr. TT is working this weekend and its bitter cold. Just on Friday we had +20 degree weather and now its -15 degrees.. Yeah, welcome to Manitoba.. the province where its not wierd to leave your winter stuff out year round cuz.. you just never know.

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