Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A couple thoughts..

Over the past few weeks I've been becoming more of a..hmm.. how do you say it.. "addicted thrifter".. haha I don't really know how to define that, but its been pretty exciting on a Tuesday to see whats new and whats out there.

Today it was frigid cold.. The wind was brisky so I figured the stores might be a bit slower, which they were, which was nice. :) Met up with my best and fellow thrifter Ayne while we were there and it didn't take long before our carts were packed full of goodies! I love shopping with her because a lot of the time I find things that I know she'll love and she does the same vise versa so since we're there we can always brainstorm what to do with our finds.. best part of my Tuesday.

A couple things I've learned while thrifting..
1) Go a few times throughout the day.. you'd be surprised what just gets "brought out" throughout and what got left behind when you came the first time.. I like to go a couple times/week to see if there was anything new.. I don't go all crazy digging but some of the bigger items tend to show up later when things have settled down..

2) If you NEED something, ask. You'd be surprised sometimes when you'd ask if something wasn't brought out, could be in the back..So doesn't hurt to ask!

3) Settle on a budget..a good one. I found some cuuute vintage lamps and fabric I had to pass on today because I had a limit and went over it. I had no use for the stuff other than to have and love on by looking, so I had to tell myself $__ was enough. Nothing more.

So heres a few of the things I have found.. Some of the other things are just regular household use items.. and really are quite boring for a post.

Children's Cowboy Boots $1

Gumball Machine 50 cents. (This gets used a LOT in this house)
Vintage lamp (going to re-do this).. $3.00
Old Suitcase $1.00

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  1. Thanks SOOO much for putting prices on these. It is always nice to know what other people are paying for items! You got some awesome deals there!