Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This blog needs a revamp.. I'm lacking in the tech dept to be able to create something unique, so who knows.. this might have to do for awhile.

I've been blog hopping lately and my heart's pulling toward re-selling.. I've been intrigued with Apron Thrift Girl's posts about re-selling.. and it pretty well speaks to me.. but its also risky. In this area, it can be tough to find someone that has found an interest for things you purchase.. and I've never online shopped before or sold anything online so it would be a whole new world for me if that was the case..

I've been thinking about this for awhile; but THIS totally got my motivation up..Remember the post about the Owl Nightlight I picked up for 50 cents! Well checking out on etsy at this seller's page  and saw it was just shy of being identical to the one I found and was selling for an astounding $59.99! SCORE! I was so estatic.. Knowing I had found something that would possibly sell for nearly that felt pretty awesome.. Of course, I'm keeping the owl, but couldn't help wonder what was around that would pop so much interest.. Anything I post, would it be worth re-selling? I wonder sometimes..

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  1. You'd be surprised what people like and would pay. Me for example - I buy lots of items!

    I have two of those owls that I paid just a dollar or two for at the Salvation Army. I have another like it that was made in a matte finish and I saw on Etsy that a seller is using the same kind as a mold to recreate them. They are going for 30.00 each.

    Go for it - you'll soon get a better idea of what is in demand!