Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I love starting my mornings with a bowl of Fruit Loops and updates from my fav blogs..Its kinda like reading the paper, whats new?.. whats happening?
And I woke up this morning and came across Thrift Core's blog and got completely inspired on what I wanna do with mine.
So over the next while, you might see not just thrift finds, but suggestions, inspirations, and maybe some of my DIY projects that I plan on doing.. (my stash isn't getting any smaller.. and places for it is getting less and less by the day).
Including in my organization craziness, I plan on putting a pile to resell. Im sooo inspired by Apron Thrift Girl's latest post about reselling (heck, I love ALL her posts about reselling) and is thinking of posting a handful of items on Etsy.. this is all new to me cuz I for one, never even bought anything online yet alone sold anything..

Otherwise craziness continues in the Hildebrand home..

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