Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The weatherman lies!

Apparently.. we're suppose to get near 25cm or more of snow this morning.. woke up, nothing.. decided to stay home from thrifthopping because of the storm, and still nothing.. so I guess the weatherman does lie sometimes.. :)
BUT I did get some "junking" done.. Went to the local here and then over to a small town 10 mins away, and then another 20 more mins away. Either way, I came home with more than I have in a LONG time..
I don't have room to store furniture lately as we're renovating so I've been settling on little items, and really trying hard to say no to the bigger items.. its tough.. but im trying.

Heres a few samples of the day.
1970's book on exactly what I love.. (left is the front and right is the back), its about 100 pages..
How could I not pick this up??? I  saw it there for 10 measly cents, how awesome! Even back in the 70's were they already upcycling!! This one's a keeper, thats forsure..
Head mold for hats! Is going to be perfect for my friend's growing business!

Vintage flash cards.. came in two!

metal wishing well. Im going to paint this white and put it on a shelf in my girls room.. kinda goes with the theme Im doing.

I saw this there, and loved how it looked.. Then as I went to pick it up to put in my cart.. it sang! It was a music box too!! Its really pretty!! I think it'll also look great white. :)
Jar of buttons, old DYMO labeller, bowls, and some cute fabric covered boxes!
Instead of flooding my post with pics, I threw these together.. I'm not entirely sure what brand the ice cream bowls are from, but they're super cute.. and is going to work great with some hot fudge sundaes this summer! The boxes, I thought, was great for gifting, and the dymo labeller even works! So it'll be a great addition to organizing!

Hope everyone's having a great start to SPRING!

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