Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Glory!

 Happy Sunday everyone!
I've been MIA lately as this house has been on the whilrwind with new additions to the family (not by me tho, lol) and travellers from a far coming up to visit. So, I haven't been able to thrift like I had wanted to over the last few days, but I guess thats ok, since I need to clear out some of the existing stuff in my house to make wave for the new stuff a'comin.

On an exciting note, within a week or two, we will be starting an ETSY SHOP! Yep, this is huge for me because the buying and selling in the interwebz is all so new to me, so Im hoping everything goes smoothly. Keep posted for the shop link comin up!

Also, I wanted to express to everyone my wishlist for the spring. Last year, I had little to no opportunity to do anything out of the house as I was on strict bedrest due to my complications in my pregnancy. SO I wanted to blow this year out and enjoy the MANY things this area has to offer.. Here's my list..

1) Go to MCC at least 2/week.. I do about that already but since its garage sale season coming up, I can guarantee they'll be restocking more than just a Tuesday..
2) Venture outwards, and drive a few more minutes to some other towns and seach some other vendors..
3) Do a DIY with the kids weekly, it not more! My 3 year old looves to help paint, and glue, and everything that has to do with creating (which clearly is the reason shes my daughter, lol).. And thrifting those finds is going to make it fun for me, as well as for my wallet!
4) A very exciting on, but over the next month, we'll be re-painting every room in this house (minus our bedroom and Haileys room which was done just last year).. the options of colors are endless!! So hopefully this task won't take up too much of our summer.
5) Walk more, drive less! We registered our moped this year again and I'm excited to be able to get that going when I need a jug of milk or something small from the grocery store instead of starting up my vehicle.
6) I've been listening to CHVN 95.1FM's and taking part in their Family Night Pledge so that we can spend more quality time with eachother and the kids. PLUS, the mister and myself have been taking more time in the week and month to be going on dates and taking some much needed time to re-connect. :) It has made our relationship with eachother and the kids MUCH healthier.. and come summer, much more opportunity will be at hand as well as trips, events, etc!
7) Renovations slowly continue in our basement, Im hoping by fall of next year, my create space will be finished and I can finally have a proper area to focus and progress!
8) I have a huge surprise coming in May for the kids.. since I can't exactly express what Im doing because this is huge for me too but once its completed, the beans will spill! Its exciting, and will take lots of preparation.. so I hope it goes smoothly! 
9) I wanna take my family least once. My parent's own a 5th wheel and have offered to us countless times to take it, the mister is anti-camping. I hope that changes this year.. I loved my camping days growing up, and I would love the same simple pleasure for my kids
10) Last but not least, Im gonna try and lose a few lbs.. No crash dieting, or anything risky, just a lifestyle change, to say Im not going to veg out on the couch with a bag of chips instead I'm going to turn off the TV and go out and play with the kids. Simple, and if it doesn't make me lose weight, it'll definitely make me feel better as a person, and as a mom.

Whats your summer wish list?

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