Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mall Shopping & Shoppe Hopping!

I have two local friends who just love thrifting as much as I do.. and Im uber thrilled to have them join me on Monday as we header on off to Winnipeg for the Annual St.Vital Antique Show!! Leave her at 9am, and hopefully check out a few shoppes and secondhand stores while we're there. We all have our own style which is awesome..

Spent this week working on my daughter's room.. Heres a sneak peak!
(beware, the ugly green walls WILL be changed.. as soon as I convince the husband).

Found the bed at an antique store for $70 and got it sandblasted and repainted professionally for near 100 bucks.. Overall investment : $170..(mattresses were handmedowns from an aunt who hardly used the thing.) can't complain, this bed is one heavy bugger! Im hoping to find some neat owl peices to add in this space.. Once the wall's painted, I'll post some more pics of the room with some neat additions Im in the middle of working on..
 Hope everyone's enjoying this winter weather.. well, all you Canadians out there, living in Manitoba.. living in Winkler. We just got hit with one blustery blizzard over the weekend.. yikes.
Sending up prayers for safety on the roads, as well as victims of the Tsunami in Japan on Friday.. We're blessed, and it sucks to have a harsh reminder of something so horrible to remind us of that.

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