Friday, March 11, 2011

Upcycle & Recycle.

Im organized.
 I don't have a room or garage devoted to my finds.. I have a closet. And it gets packed up pretty fast. So, Jer kindly reminded me that if he wasn't able to walk through that entrance, he was going to clean up and clean out for me so that if there was ever a fire,we could get to that entrance.. he was right, and its now cleaned out.
I went through some sewing phase and realized a lot of that is useable so Im just selling it out and getting rid of junk. I love filling my drawers of my collectables and such so its feeling new right now..

Heres a little glimpst of whats been going on here during the week..

Last weekend, we turned a 1950s TV into a puppet theatre.. or started to atleast.. My mom (conveniently) works at a recylcing place in town, and coooonstantly comes home with the most random stuff.. I would love to be her to see what kind of books come in.. Our kids storybooks have all came from there.. We have almost the entire collection of Dr.Seuss, and Mercer Mayer, and so many more old favorites! I was shocked when she came home with this and invited me over to revamp it with her!
This was a before picture.. The tv was in there when she got it but got it removed.
Another before picture. There was 2 knobs that came with it as well.. So you can tell how old it was!
Needs to be a fresh coat of paint on it, as well as some red curtains just behind the glass for curtain appeal!
With the knobs put back in and some friends posing.
Sewed a black curtain and thrifted this rail for 50 cents
Both girls up from their sleepover at G&G and ready to act!
Found an old vintage Bingo Game with most (just missing some dots) peices!
I was shocked at the condition..
AND the amount!
Vintage coasters.. found these for 30 cents. There was a few more sets I might pick up.
Picked up 2 of these $2 each. I think I might add some bling for our bedroom.
Old ROYAL typewriter $4. INCLUDES case & manual! And new ribbon!
About this frame for 50 cents.. And I was going to remove the artwork and put something in place of it..but thinking now its growing on me.. so might stay!

Thanks to all you new visitors checking out the blog!! Im excited to get this one up and out there to showcase the things I find, and maaybe soon I'll start reselling them. I would love to check out your blogs if you have any!! Post a link in my comment and I'll come send you some love!

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