Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Jelly beans were from Dollarama and martini and wine glasses were thrifted (picked up a pack of 6 but ran out of jellybeans so only displayed 4) all 6 for 1 dollar!
Easter's in full swing in the Hildebrand home!!! We're gettin ready to paint eggs, hunt for them, and have a LOT of delicious homemade goodness!!  Paska buns are a regular occurance (easter buns.. a must try!), and the talk of the real reason for easter's flooding Taylor's mind.. which warms my heart more than anything. Telling people that Jesus Christ died for her and for their sins. Her love for Jesus is a massive blessing that continues to overflow.
We have a large back yard so easter hunting's going to be extra fun this year. Most years have been spent at my parents.. inside.. due to snow and wet weather continuing to linger. This year, it looks like +15 (predicted), and sunny.. So hopefully an outside hunt is possible!!
Spring also means cleanout.. I have a hard time parting with items I've put a lot of investing in, and since its gone nowhere, its time to let go. Found another stack of fabrics waiting to find some good homes which hope to be put to good use.
Another garage sale is in the works too.. for May, which gives me a little more time to get things together. Im forcing myself to part with some of Hailey's items even if it breaks my heart.. Like Mr.TT said.. "better like a bandaid, it'll hurt at first, but relief when its over".. so Im bracing myself.

While searching through my stashes, clutter, etc.. I starting putting together some puzzle peices for Miss H's birthday.. Finally put together fabric for her banner which will also serve perfectly in her bedroom. And a few old nick nacks that somehow just fit perfectly. Hopin the weather goes well since its a casual, come and go, bbq/bonfire celebration. Hailey's not into having a lot of attention brought to her (she's like her father), and so having somethin come and go is perfect. :)

Otherwise I have seperate stacks of items for different purposes.. one being DIYs.. and I WILL find time to do that.. I will, .lol.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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