Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Snow's nearly gone *sigh!* and spring is hopefully coming to stay..
Totally didn't think I was going to thrift this morning due to one of my daughter's scream fest last night (only knowing now after taking her to the doctor she nearly blew her ear drum  but a vein burster and she's got quite the infection.. her ear drum is also super sensitive and the doctors think it hasn't progressed with her maturity). Miss H is my preemie and she's 8 months corrected.. we just went through a preemie assessment but since we had no concerns, they just looked at her inital hearing test from the NICU and said there wasn't a concern.. Wow, can things change fast.. So back to doctor's appointments, and some investigating to see if this is something thats permanent or temporary. But being up till 3am and after her little body couldn't even cry anymore, I finally got some sleep.. she was up a number of times but quickly went back to sleep after that. I had no motivation to go out this morning but felt I just needed to get out and get some fresh air after that kinda night. It was well worth it.
Left our rickidy car (somethings not right with it as it sounds like a squeeky mattress) at my mom's work and snagged her car for the rest of the day.. picked up my best and thrifter Ayne and off we went.. stopping off at Winkler, Plum Coulee, and Altona.. and our back seat was nearly full (with the exception of her nearly 5yr old cutie). I've had a small wishlist and finally just let it go and realized that it'll come to me instead of me stressing and getting uber disappointed if it didn't come around that week.. but long behold.. a few of them came my way.
Cute vintage nesting snack bowls.. thinking future giveaway??
How cute are they so nestled up

Birdcages!! Was so excited to collect a handful of these for the girls room. Each room has a nature theme (owls, birds, etc) so I was looking for these for a LONG time!
Found this cutie for a quarter.
Been on the lookout for a LOT of mason jar (particularly the drinking ones) for my sisters wedding..

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  1. Poor H!! My sister dealt with chronic ear infections (she burst her ear drum every 2 weeks...no word of a lie!). I hope they can figure something out with her! My sister does suffer from hearing loss...hopefully H won't!!
    Neat finds!! be proud of me...I went into a thrift store today, AND HAD FUN!!! So...if you ever feel like having a tag along...let me know...I'm there!!
    Anywho...end novel!