Friday, April 15, 2011

Snow in.. april?

Yep, of course, there's a prediction for snow today.. what else would happen in good ol' Manitoba, than to have snow in April, or even May some years?!
Ah well, manitoba weather makes me laugh..

Its been a crazy week getting ready for our first garage sale of the year.. It was bittersweet having to go through the kids clothes, so I just left them. The emotion of not being able to have any more children, and not being able to use these precious clothes one more time was a bit hard to take, and I just left them. We're having another garage sale come May so I NEED to do this then, and will do it like a bandaid.. will hurt at first, but in the end, relief. Its partially our choice that we're not having any more children, but a huge part was the doctor's huge suggestion that we not.. Going through Hailey's journey and having that happen again with added risks and complications, its too selfish, and too risky to put another child through such unpredictable measures.. And thats a lot to take in.

Tuesday, I was so excited to head off to MCC.. I went alone, and I did find a car load, but over half wasn't even for me. I love looking for thriftted items for others and somehow I scored more for someone else than I did for myself. A beautiful lamp (which will be on a different post), a black frame, and some other cute vases and such. But I couldn't leave without picking up a couple things.. I found this..
Im a huge sucker for children's furniture.. and for $4 I couldn't pass it up. Taylor already has a sofa and a recliner (both childrens size) in her room.. and how cute would this be reupholstered!! Its so easy with some simple screws and such in the back and then boom! Stick fabrick over, staple, and rescrew the peices back together.. If its not for me, it'll definitely be nice in some other children's room. :)

My exciting, FAVORITE find of the week is this..
As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister's wedding is country vintage. And I've had such a hard time finding somethin that wasn't too casual, wasn't too fancy for her wedding day.. And since we were getting ready for the garage sale, I came across this.. and thought how perfect it was!! So I brought it to my mom and showed her hoping she'd have the same feelings, and she did!! We noticed a couple spots of food stain, but we figured one good dry clean and it should be good as new! With no price tag, I was unsure of the cost of it, so I asked what my mom would pay.. "20 bucks, I'd say..".. and I agree'd.. but I wanted to see what she offered first.. My heart sank when she said "A buck.."..  A dollar, $1.00!!! So I of course, took it, and showed my sister via email, and she also fell in love with it, so its a done deal. :) This makes me happy due to the fact that we're paying for our girls' dresses.. :)

Im in the process of planning my Haileybear's 1 year birthday.. ONE YEAR.. June 1. Im thinking it'll be "tea party" style.. :) So Im trying to find old table clothes, tea cups, etc..Hopefully everything falls into place.

 My girls are blessed. We came home on Tuesday to some pretty presents from a family friend. She mentioned she had sewed them some pillowcases awhile back which I thought was super thoughtful of her.. Long behold, when she dropped them off, they were also embroidered!! Taylor's a huge princess lover and so of course hers had to say "a princess sleeps here".. and Hailey, who we always call our "Haileybear" says "Sweet Dreams Haileybear".. I love both, and Im so excited for the girls to use them!!

On Saturday, I had a photoshoot in Steinbach and wasn't really planning on doing anything else. Then my sister suggested Taylor coming out for a swim day! How exciting (and convenient).. then my mom was respiting Ingrid (who lived with us for 6+ years before moving), and she wanted to join too, so next thing I knew my car was packed full of props, a cute smash cake, and some lovely ladies ready to head off for the day. They had loads of fun, and pictures turned out awesome.
(heres a little sneak peak if anyone's interested..)
 Spring is here, chilly or not.. so we dragged out Taylor's first big girl bike!! She was super excited and we allowed her to pick out a cute little basket, streamers, and a bell for little added accessories, lol. Can't wait to get her going!!

This has been the skim of what my week's been.. I booked 2 more weddings (Which makes it 3 now for the etnire year).. Im wondering if thats enough.. To the town, I don't do weddings anymore, but when people come up to me souly, and say they want ME for my work, I have a hard time saying no.. So I've taken on a small handful, and we'll go from there.

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